Anomalous Soil Mercury Concentrations at Paricutin Volcano, Michacan-Guanajuato Volcanic Field, Mexico

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The identification of anomalous concentrations of Hg (> 1200 ppb, parts in 10 9 ) in the soils of the southwest flank of the Paricutin volcano provides new information about the nature of the convective flow of gases, from the magmatic body, below this cone of Ashes inactive. The samples with anomalous concentrations of Hg are located in an area of approximately 1 km 2 ; This area seems to be much larger than the area covered by high temperature fumaroles (> 100 ° C).

Soil samples with relatively low Hg concentrations (<199 ppb) are distributed in an area of approximately 3000 km 2 , within the Michoacán-Guanajuato volcanic field. This concentration of Hg usually increases near the alignments of cineríticos cones, which can be related to the presence of zones with high density of faults.

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Geofisica Internacional, v. 28, issue 5, p. 1029-1041