Constraints to Successful Rehabilitation of Subtropical and Tropical Wetlands

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Water Hyacinth, International Perspective, Nile Perch, Rehabilitation, Scheme, Small Wetland

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Discussions of wetland rehabilitation in the subtropics and tropics, including those of the current volume, usually consider an individual wetland in its entirety without recognizing the influence of ecotones in successful rehabilitation. Additionally, only rarely do authors consider the option of multipurpose utilization of wetlands as essential components of rehabilitation schemes. Far too much emphasis is placed on wetland structure without considering viable, needed functional options that may lack “natural ”wetland structure. This article discusses these aspects within a context of evolving landscapes and expanding populations in the subtropics and tropics, while re-emphasizing the importance of community involvement seen in many of the chapters in this volume.

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Constraints to Successful Rehabilitation of Subtropical and Tropical Wetlands, in W. J. Streever (Ed.), An International Perspective on Wetland Rehabilitation, Springer, p. 319-326