Morphodynamics of Barrier Systems: A Synthesis

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Alabama, Amero-trailing-edge coast, Australia, Barrier island, Barrier spit, Brazilian coast, Collision coast, Dunes, East Florida coast, Georgia bight coast, German Bight, Gulf of Alaska coast, Headland beach, Louisiana, Mainland beach, Marginal sea coast, Mid-Atlantic bight coast, Mississippi, New England coast, New Zealand, North Frisian Islands, Northwest Florida coast, Outer Banks, Texas Gulf coast, Wadden Sea, West Florida coast, West Frisian Islands

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The morphodynamics of open-ocean barrier systems (barrier islands, barrier spits, and mainland or headland beaches), synthesizing classic studies, current scientific knowledge, and future research directions regarding a number of barrier systems globally are reviewed. Within a coastal tectonic framework, the authors address: (1) Amero-trailing-edge coasts (USA's New England coast, mid-Atlantic Bight coast, North Carolina Outer Banks, Georgia Bight coast, and Florida Atlantic coast; Brazil's Santa Catarina coast; German Bight coast; and southern and western Australian coasts); (2) marginal-sea coasts (USA's Florida Gulf Coast; Gulf Coast of Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana; Texas Gulf Coast; and eastern Australian coast); and (3) collision coasts (USA's Alaskan Pacific coast and New Zealand). Moreover, the chapter includes a glossary and robust current set of references.


Complete list of authors: J. T. de Menezes, M. Pejrup, S. R. Riggs, A. D. Short, G. W. Stone, and D. J. Wallace

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Morphodynamics of Barrier Systems: A Synthesis, in D. J. Sherman & J. F. Shroder (Eds.), Treatise on Geomorphology, v. 10, Academic Press, p. 166-244