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Contents: Censorship-Defined and Debated : ACLIJ stalwart Raymond Arsenault and conservative Jeb Bush have contrasting takes on the issue -- Censorship in Florida Schools: A bad practice continues / by John S. Simmons -- Huck Finn: Misunderstood / by Justin Kaplan -- A dissenting view on school censorship / by Marc Herman -- Teaching reading at a juvenile correction center / by Gloria Pipkin -- The statue that needed a drape -- Cutting Edge Art : Mike Diana-A Dangerous Man? How a cartoonist became a convicted criminal / by John Fleming -- Live Crew Reconsidered : Their lyrics were legal, the prosecution was racist, but where’s the responsibility? / By Leonard Pills, Jr. -- How 2 Live Crew Beat the Rap: The Case Against Rap Music / by William J. Bennett -- Political Speech: What you can and cannot say about Cuba in Florida - Reflections on a conference disrupted / by Louis A. Perez, Jr. -- The Professor who used the N-word -- In Miami, thuggery as usual -- Pornography and Feminism: Varying perspectives from Robin Morgan, Robyn Blumner and Norman Mailer and Marcia Palley -- The Last Word : Author Claudia Johnson looks ahead-and sees more censorship.

Forum : Vol. 19, No. 02 (Winter : 1996/1997)



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