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Tina M. Neville

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Libraries in North America have been leading the way in the establishment of digital archives, often called institutional repositories, for their universities or the institutions they serve. Many such repositories have had difficulty getting buy-in from faculty and others within their institutions because they have focused on one type of content only: peer-reviewed faculty content. At the University of South Florida St. Petersburg (USFSP), a model of inclusion of all members of the campus community and all types of content, coupled with a high level of service from a small group of librarians, led to quick and early adoption of the campus digital archive by faculty, students, and administrators. Librarians have been aggressively marketing the service, educating faculty and administrators about the benefits, and demonstrating by example the wide range of uses of the archive. At USFSP, the digital archive has become a vibrant part of campus life, serving to capture the past, document the present, and shine a light into the future. Attendees will gain insight into the policy and technical infrastructure needed, the different types of content that can be successfully collected, and how the service can promote the mission of the institution and can be successfully marketed to a wide variety of audiences.



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