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The Three‐Item Thinking about Your Partner’s Drinking Scale (TPD‐3): Item Response Theory, Reliability, and Validity

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Lindsey Rodriguez

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Interdependence is a defining feature of close relationships, and alcohol use is one domain where one person’s motivations and behaviors can affect a partner’s well-being. Concern about partner drinking is a gauge that determines whether a partner’s alcohol use has the potential to be problematic to the relationship, and brief and efficient measurement of this construct can be used to serve clinicians, scientists, and practitioners. Across four studies(N=1,807), we use item response theory analysis to present a 3-item brief screening tool assessing concern about partner drinking: Thinking about your Partner’s Drinking-3 (TPD-3). The TPD-3 revealed strong test–retest reliability and expected patterns of convergent, concurrent, and incremental validity with perceived partner drinking and alcohol-related consequences, behavioral responses to partner drinking, and relationship well-being. We present the TPD-3 as a useful screening tool and for measurement of concern about partner drinking when efficient assessment is desired.



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