USF St. Petersburg campus Faculty Publications

Exploring Data Literacy via a Librarian-Faculty Learning Community: A Case Study

Theresa G. Burress, University of South Florida St. Petersburg
Emily Zoe Mann, University of South Florida St. Petersburg
Tina Neville, University of South Florida St. Petersburg


Faculty learning communities (FLCs) are year-long professional development opportunities available at many higher education institutions in the United States. While the literature reflects some librarian engagement with FLCs, it seems limited primarily to areas of traditional librarian expertise such as information literacy and outreach. This article describes a case study of a librarian-facilitated FLC focused on data literacy, which resulted in the development of a teaching toolkit, library-led data literacy instruction, and ongoing collaborations between librarians and faculty. The FLC structure proved to be a valuable framework that facilitated collaborative learning in topics relevant to both disciplinary faculty and librarians. In addition, the tangible work products produced by the FLC serve to advance the strategic, curricular goals of the university while giving the library an opportunity to showcase its value in the academic lifecycle.