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Beliefs about Teaching (BATS2)-Construction and Validation of an Instrument based on InTASC Critical Dispositions

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W. Steve Lang

LaSonya Moore

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A team of researchers at two institutions revised and analyzed a battery of instruments to assess the Critical Dispositions (InTASC, 2013) required in the CAEP (2016a) accreditation standards for teacher education programs. This research presents initial findings for the revised version updating previous results from validity and reliability studies of the first version (Wilkerson & Lang, 2011). An in-depth study of one of the instruments, now in two forms, is presented. Version 2 was necessary because the standards providing an operational definition of the construct measured were updated. In this study, data were collected from teacher education students, in service teachers, and pre-school teachers (Form A = 1072; Form B = 372). Item analysis using Rasch modeling, results of a qualitative review of specific teacher candidates across multiple measures, and student/program improvement uses are discussed. The results indicated that evidence of validity and reliability is maintained in the new version, and student disposition measures were diagnostic and logical for students of different training and experience.

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