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Integrating interactive simulations into the mathematics classroom: Supplementing, enhancing, or driving?

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Karina K.R. Hensberry

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High-tech tools can be integrated to serve a number of purposes in the mathematics classroom, with different purposes being appropriate for different learning goals. We focus specifically on the various purposes for interactive simulations (sims). This study followed three experienced middle-school mathematics teachers integrating PhET sims into their classrooms for the first time. Using both our data and literature about high-tech tool integration, we offer a framework defining three categories of purpose for sims in the classroom and describe how the teacher positioned the sim to meet that purpose. We also touch on each teachers' beliefs about high-tech tools in the classroom and the link between their pedagogical beliefs and sim integration practices. We believe this framework contributes to the field by defining varying categories of integration for a tool with growing utilization in the mathematics classroom.


North American Chapter of the International Group for The Psychology of Mathematics Education

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