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Becoming aware of the challenges of helping students learn: An examination of the nature of learning during a service-learning experience.

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Excerpt: "First, we explore the nature of the learning in which our students engaged during this early service-learning experience in efforts to understand the meanings of teaching and learning they constructed, and how the context of this experience interacted with our candidates' previously constructed meanings of teaching and learning. Because our candidate had previously engaged in a more traditional early field experience, we also wondered how this service-learning experience would contribute differently to their learning than previous experiences had. Second, this manuscript is intended to provide a description of the service-learning field experience in which our candidates engaged so that others can consider ways to construct similar experiences for their own candidates in collaboration with schools and K-12 personne" (p.157)


Abstract only. Full-text article is available only through licensed access provided by the publisher. Published in Teacher Education Quarterly, 37(1), 131-154.




California Council on the Education of Teachers

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