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Images from a presentation delivered by Schnur at a public program sponsored by the Friends of the Gulf Beaches Public Library, in Madeira Beach City Hall, 9 October 2013. A second presentation took place on 13 October 2013 in the Pinellas Room at Heritage Village. The Pinellas County Communications Office videotaped the October 13 program and a link to it is provided in the URI field of this record. The program, including questions, was approximately 61 minutes in length. Also included is publicity from a 22 May 2013 talk Schnur delivered to the Seminole Historical Society before the book's release.


252 p., PDF file of PowerPoint with images for use with the lecture. The lecture was delivered extemporaneously.

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Presentation_Attribution_for_Images_Madeira_Beach_and_Johns_Pass_Lecture.pdf (242 kB)
Image credits for presentation

Madeira_Beach_talk_at_Seminole_Historical_Society.jpg (2635 kB)
Image from Talk at Seminole Historical Society on 22 May 2013