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This proposal asks for comments on data collection and analysis efforts that are intended to track the development, implementation, and impact of a major, educational scale up study: The SunBay Digital Mathematics Project. All data shared in the session comes from the project's first 6 months of investigation. SunBay is collaboration between a university, a non-profit research organization and a large urban school district. One of the project’s long-term goals is to implement a digital middle school mathematics curriculum in a large urban district that will allow every middle school student to be successful in learning dynamic motion phenomenon and complex, cognitively demanding mathematical concepts. This curriculum will contain mathematics units using SimCalc Mathworlds™, Geometer Sketch Pad™, and other interactive digital technologies. These materials are intended to help middle school mathematics students engage in inquiry-oriented learning and to democratize access to the mathematics of change (See discussions in Kaput & Roschelle, 1997; Hegedus & Lesh, 2008; Rochelle et al., 2010; SRI International & University of South Florida Saint Petersburg, 2010; Vahey, Lara-Melloy, & Knudsen, 2009).


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