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Evaluating targeted cash transfer programs: A general equilibrium framework with an application to Mexico.

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Rebecca L. Harris

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This report focuses on the indirect and direct effects of transfer programs. In particular, it shows how modelling results can be combined with information from standard household surveys to provide an integrated analysis of the direct distributional impact of such programs and the indirect distributional and efficiency impacts arising from domestic financing mechanisms. This approach reflects the view that any credible poverty alleviation strategy must have a credible financing strategy underlying it, and this need for domestic financing can have important consequences for both the level and the distribution of household incomes. To illustrate the approach, the report focuses on the recent introduction in Mexico of an innovative poverty alleviation transfer program called PROGRESA, which has been used as a prototype for similar programs that have recently been implemented in other developing countries.


IFPRI Research Report: 137


International Food Policy Research Institute.

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