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Curriculum and faculty development for the teaching of academic research ethics.

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Deni Elliott

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This three year project had the goal of designing and pilot teaching a graduate level course in Ethics and Scientific Research. The underlying assumption of the grant was that a course in research ethics requires the expertise of both philosophers and scientists. Faculty from these two disciplines worked closely together to develop the skills and teaching materials necessary for the course. Faculty development centered on teaching the scientists the discipline of ethics and enabling philosophers to gain an understanding of scientific methodology and conventions. The course was taught twice. The second year was more successful than the first which reflected the learning curve of the faculty who needed time to gain an understanding of the case teaching methods which were central to a successful course. As a result of the project the co-directors are publishing two books, a monograph on developing a course in research ethics, and a companion coursebook to be used by students in research ethics courses. Extensive work on the grant was also done in evaluating the success of the teaching of the course. The co-directors are publishing a paper on their experiences and methodologies in evaluating the teaching of ethics.


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