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Negotiating expectations: Towards sustainable technology.

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Christopher J. Davis

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This paper reports some research into the design and implementation processes associated with the introduction of the UK National Automated Fingerprint Identification System (NAFIS) into the Avon and Somerset Constabulary. The complexity of the system specification and the organisational setting gave rise to a range of expectations of the system and conflicting agendas for its use. These issues are explored through a comprehensive discussion of the research process. The research process itself is identified as a vehicle for the exploration of participative techniques which can be used to ameliorate the dissonance which arises from these conflicting expectations. The capacity of researchers to facilitate what Elden and Levin (1991) call “cogenerative dialogue” is explored in the context of the case study. The paper sets out to demonstrate the complementarity of existing methods, tools and techniques, thereby promoting their synthesis. We argue that bridge building is more important in the information systems context than grand theorising. The local outcomes and national implications of the research to date are reported and discussed in the paper.


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