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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

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Biology (Cell Biology, Microbiology, Molecular Biology)

Major Professor

James R. Garey, Ph.D.

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Alan R. Franck, Ph.D.

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Maria Cecilia do Nascimento Nunes, Ph.D.

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Matt E. Smith, Ph.D.

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Diane Te Strake, Ph.D.


Boletales, Boletaceae, Suillaceae, Systematics, Phylogenetics


The boletes are conspicuous stipito-pileate macrofungi that are generally defined by their tubulose hymenophores. Molecular phylogenetic analyses have informed extensive taxonomic revisions across the boletes. Despite this, the boletes in the southeastern USA have been largely absent from the literature. This dissertation seeks to understand the microbiome inhabiting the tuberculate ectomycorrhizae of the bolete Hemileccinum rubropunctum, and addresses taxonomic revisions of boletes found in the Boletaceae and Suillaceae. The introduction provides a brief background on boletes, as well as our understanding of tuberculate ectomycorrhizae. The second chapter seeks to understand the composition of the microbiome tuberculate ectomycorrhizae of H. rubropunctum using 16S metagenomic sequencing. The third chapter treats the genus Imleria in North America, including the description of the novel species Imleria floridana, as well as treating Boletus pallidus as a member of Imleria, and uses ITS data generated in this dissertation combined with those from GenBank to understand the mycorrhizal hosts that characterize the genus Imleria. The fourth chapter describes four new Boletaceae species from the southeastern USA, including Aureoboletus pseudoauriporus, Cyanoboletus bessettei, Hemileccinum floridanum, and Xerocomellus bolinii, as well as proposes three combinations to reflect the results of my molecular phylogenetic analyses, Cyanoboletus cyaneitinctus, C. cyaneitinctus f. reticulatus, and Lanmaoa sublurida. The fifth chapter focuses the description of a novel genus to accommodate Boletus durhamensis, as well as focuses on boletes from south Florida, including a novel species Aureoboletus tequestae. The final chapter addresses two combinations in Suillus (Suillaceae), Suillus hiemalis and Suillus transversarius.

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Biology Commons