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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

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Abdul Malik, Ph.D.

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Wayne Guida, Ph.D.

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Mildred Acevedo-Duncan, Ph.D.

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Xiaopeng Li, Ph.D.


porous material, interaction, sieve function


Sorbent enrichment is treated as the extend sample preparing method from liquid extraction. The theories of liquid extraction also extend to sorbent enrichment, which is based on the distribution equilibrium. With the development of advanced materials, sorbents have been improved dramatically in the past twenty years. Nowadays, more and more enrichment performance cannot be explained from the angle of distribution model.

Herein, the sorption model is emphasized in this study. As the majority exist, aromatic compounds are the focused class of analytes. This study analyzed the sorption from two factors, the interaction between adsorbate and sorbent from their aromaticity, and the sieve function on dimension of the adsorbate and the pores of the sorbent.

The sorbent enrichment performance of aromatic compounds can be indicated by the synergy of relative dimension from the sieve function, the GEO from HOMA, and saturation hydrogen number from unsaturation degree, with matched experiment data.

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Chemistry Commons