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MS in Public Health (M.S.P.H.)

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Global Health

Major Professor

Deborah Cragun, Ph.D.

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Dinorah Martinez Tyson, Ph.D.

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Tuya Pal , MD.

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Brenda I. Zuniga, CGC.


Automize, Genetic counseling, Hispanics, Service delivery models


A web-based educational tool designed to cover pre-test genetic counseling elements for multi-gene hereditary cancer panel testing increased knowledge and decisional empowerment among an English-speaking cohort actively seeking information about genetic testing. The purpose of this study was to pilot a Spanish-language version of this tool using a pre- post- survey design to assess for changes in knowledge and informed decision making about genetic testing and obtain additional feedback using semi-structured interviews. Spanish-speaking individuals were recruited online. Although several participants expressed that the tool was informative, interesting, and that they liked it, time stamps for the post-survey suggested that most did not make it through the entire 12-minute video, and several participants indicated on open-ended responses that it should be shortened. Data from a subset of four who spent time reviewing the tool suggest it has the potential to improve knowledge and quality decision making if viewed completely. However, it should be test-ed among the intended audience, Spanish speakers who are actively seeking genetic testing information and the tool may benefit from being shortened further by moving some information to the existing “learn more” sections. Feedback provided during the semi-structured interviews will also be used to present the main messages more clearly and to make the tool more health literate.

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