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Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)

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Higher Ed/Community College Ed

Major Professor

Sarah Kiefer, Ph.D.

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Howard Johnston, Ph.D.

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Kathleen Ciez-Volz, Ed.D.

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Tori Lockler, Ph.D.


anxiety, shamatha, autoethnography, higher education


The purpose of this autoethnography was to explore meditation and mindfulness to mitigate burnout and promote wellbeing among faculty. I explored how meditation and mindfulness shaped me personally and professionally as an educator. I explored the methods I used to promote my own wellbeing and to deal with my experiences of burnout, anxiety, and depression. Self Determination Theory and Flow helped to inform this autoethnography, as well as mindfulness and meditation as tools for promoting faculty wellbeing. By telling my personal and professional story and how I have benefited from meditation and mindfulness practices, I hope to provide a road map for faculty to mitigate their experiences of burnout, anxiety, and depression, as well as promote their wellbeing. Implications for administrators who wish to create a needs supportive environment are discussed.

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