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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

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Curriculum and Instruction

Major Professor

Edward Fletcher, Ph.D.

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Victor Hernandez, Ph.D.

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J. Michael Denton, Ph.D.

Committee Member

Milton Wendland, Ph.D.


Hale’s Rules, Minority Stress Theory, Social Cognitive Career Theory, Trans Narratives, Trans People


Existing research concerning trans people is sparse, and even less research exists regarding their career development and workforce experiences. Hence, I explored the career development and workforce experience stories of trans people. I used a conceptual and theoretical framework in this study to inform my general approach to trans scholarship leading to the specific examination of the career development and workforce experiences of trans persons. The conceptual and theoretical framework included Hale's (1997) suggested guidelines for non-trans people writing about trans people, constructivism, social cognitive career theory, and minority stress theory and informed the qualitative vehicle of this study to advance the understanding of the career development and workforce experiences of trans people. The participants constructed career development and workforce stories in their own words employing a meaning-making interpretation of how their lives interplay with social-cultural influences with “respect to the individual storytellers and a regard for the subjective meaning carried within their stories” (Atkinson, 2007, p. 224). I also identified how workplaces support their trans workforce.

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