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Degree Granting Department

Civil Engineering

Major Professor

Jian Lu, Ph.D.

Committee Member

Ram Pendyala, Ph.D.

Committee Member

Elaine Chang, Ph.D.


Camera, Scanner, Sensor, Transverse profile, Vehicles


Asphalt pavement rutting is one of the most common and destructive pavement distresses observed on U.S. roads, particularly in the urban environment at intersections. They are an important indicator of the structural integrity of the pavement as well as having an impact on road user safety. For these reasons, most road agencies regularly monitor the levels of rut depths on their pavement. There are four technologies used for estimating rut depth in automated measurement way: ultrasonics, point lasers, scanning lasers, Optical.

This thesis will focus on the development of the laser scanner rut depth measurement system, including the improvement of the hardware design, the software development and data analysis.

In order to evaluate the accuracy and correction of the laser scanner system, the researcher used it to measure different pavement in different situations. This research focused on the performance measures, such as correlativity, repeatability.

From field experiments and data analysis, the following results had been obtained:

1. Laser scanner showed satisfactory repeatability performances;

2. Laser scanner has good correlations with manual rut data.

3. High power laser scanner in dark asphalt has good correlations with in light pavement.

The findings of this research will contribute to the development of laser system in the measurement of pavement rutting.