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Degree Name

MS in Materials Science and Engineering (M.S.M.S.E)

Degree Granting Department

Chemical Engineering

Major Professor

Humberto Rodriguez Gutierrez, Ph.D.

Committee Member

Venkat Bhethanabotla, Ph.D.

Committee Member

John N. Kuhn, Ph.D.


Atomically Thin Monochalcogenides, PbI2, Chemical Vapor Deposition, Thin Films, Raman Spectroscopy


2D layered materials are becoming an important area of research due to their exceptional electrical and optical properties. Specifically, 2D layered monochalcogenides are known for their high carrier motilities, whereas layered metal halides have been shown to have noteworthy photoresponsivity. Despite the assortment of 2D layered materials, the search for reliable and scalable synthesis methods is still a challenge in this family of materials. Often a certain growth technique will compromise a desirable trait needed for further fabrication, such as the quality of the crystal or its coverage on a substrate. In this study, two growth techniques that incorporate changeable parameters allowing for the controllable growth of 2D layered monochalcogenides and metal halides are explored. Following the growth of each material, characterization techniques are employed to confirm their identity, structure, and validate the success of each growth. By utilizing these growth techniques, it is expected to find superior ways at growing 2D layered materials that can potentially be used as next-generation devices.