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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

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World Languages

Major Professor

Amy Thompson, Ph.D.

Co-Major Professor

Nicole Tracy-Ventura, Ph.D.

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Camilla Vasquez, Ph.D.

Committee Member

Amanda Huensch, Ph.D.


Arabic, English, Hebrew, multilingual


This study explores the emotional perceptions, language practices, and language experiences of Palestinian multilinguals in Palestine, and the more under-studied population in the diaspora - focusing on Arabic, English, and Hebrew. A total of 47 participants filled out the adapted Bilingual Emotional Questionnaire (Dewaele & Pavlenko, 2001-2003) in order to compare and contrast positive and negative emotional perception of participant reported languages via a Likert scale, and overall language practices and experiences via open-ended questions. Several independent sample t-tests were run by location of participants in order to determine significant differences in emotional perception, and a thematic analysis was run on selected open-ended responses in order to synthesize and better understand language practices and experiences. The findings of this study revealed that overall, there were very few differences between Palestinians in Palestine and in the diaspora with regard to emotional perception, and very similar categories revealed with regard to language practices and experiences. This study concludes with a call to further research the complexities of location regarding the reality of occupation and its impact regarding the role of languages.

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Linguistics Commons