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Major Professor

Timothy B. Heath, Ph.D.

Co-Major Professor

JoAnn F. Quinn, Ph.D.

Committee Member

James Stikeleather, D.B.A.

Committee Member

Eric Eisenberg, Ph.D.


Labor Management, Scheduling, Staffing, Hospital


This project takes a systemic approach to hospital labor planning and allocation rather than sub-optimizing the individual components of workload demand forecasting, scheduling, and staffing separately. The research considers all three components within their interdependent, dynamic, cyclical systemic nature to develop a better labor planning and allocation cycle (LPAC) management model across the various subsystems of the hospital. We used an Action Design Research (ADR) method to the guided emergence of innovative artifacts – Systemic LPAC Management Model and LPAC Performance Metrics – that we evaluate and improve through interventions in situ with practitioners. The Systemic LPAC Management Model leveraged an optimization of organizational structures, work tasks and human interactions based on patient flow to create improved outcomes. Outcomes were measured via the LPAC Performance Metric artifact to assess pre and post-implementation performance. The ADR research method allowed us to assess the resulting utility and acceptance of the new model and metrics in a real-world hospital environment from both a qualitative and quantitative perspective. Implementation of the new model resulted in outcome improvement in each of the individual LPAC phases. Additionally, we observed labor management flexibility and responsiveness improvement due to the systemic approach of improving upon the previous siloed and narrowly focused labor-management model.