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Richard Plank, Ph.D.

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Sajeev Varki, Ph.D.

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Anand Kumar, Ph.D.

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Moez Limayem, Ph.D.

Committee Member

Steve Oscher, DBA


Business to Business, relationship life cycle, Relationship Marketing, Relationship Quality, social media


Social media is increasingly being used by business-to-business (B2B) firms to engage with their customers as they seek to maintain and grow their relationship with their customers. In my dissertation, I examine what communication objectives B2B firms seek to achieve via social media at different stages of the relationship cycle (exploration, expansion, maturity). I then use a panel of social media experts to evaluate the social media efforts of these firms to determine how well these firms achieve their social media objectives. I then contrast how the social media communication objectives of these firms at different stages of the relationship line up with what academic literature suggests as being the most appropriate at the given stage of the relationship and thus highlight the gaps between theory and practice.

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