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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

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Wendy L. Bedwell, Ph.D.

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Jennifer Bosson, Ph.D.

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Michael Brannick, Ph.D.

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Stephen Stark, Ph.D.

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Joseph Vandello, Ph.D.


Diversity, Training, Attitudes, Training Evaluation


The extent to which diversity has positive or negative effects on an organization can be attributed to the way in which diversity is managed (most commonly through diversity training). More often than not, organizations fail to validate training, therefore the current study adapted a training that successfully changed manager attitudes in a different context and implemented a perspective taking approach using language that was all-inclusive in order to determine if it was better at changing diversity relevant attitudes and behaviors than standard diversity training models. The results indicate that the training was effective in improving diversity relevant attitudes. Additionally, the results supported full mediation for the role of attitude change in inducing behavioral change. Results from the study provide both researchers and practitioners with practical implications for both research and practice in the fields of diversity and inclusion, as well as training design.

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Psychology Commons