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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

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Educational Leadership

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Donald Dellow, Ed.D.

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William Young, Ed.D.

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Thomas Miller, Ed.D.

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Robert Sullins, Ed.D.


NCAA, Transfer Student-Athlete, Division I, Qualitative


There is a population of student-athletes who are in need of deeper understanding and additional support. Community college transfer student-athletes face different challenges than their non-athlete and non-transfer peers. Given these differences, this qualitative study was focused on understanding the experiences and perceptions of community college transfer student-athletes. More specifically, this study aimed to describe the preparation to transfer, the transfer process, and the recommendations for successful transfer as each relates to academics, athletics, and personal factors. For this qualitative study, data were collected through individual interviews, a focus group, as well as observation and reflection. Fourteen themes emerged through coding and analysis. These themes answered the three research questions as well as increased the literature on an under-researched population. Key implications for future research surrounding community college transfer student-athletes emerged including a focus on a need for academic clarity, earlier recruitment, strong relationships, and excellent time management skills.

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