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Michelle Hughes Miller, Ph.D.

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Jennifer Friedman, Ph.D.

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Elizabeth Aranda, Ph.D.


community corrections, identity management, motherhood, negotation, reentry


With an influx of women entering the incarcerated population comes an increase in the number of children who have a mother serving time. As these mothers are released from prison or jail they immediately enter into the parole or probation system. This research focuses on the experiences of these women within state supervision, but also on what it means to be a mother. Through thematic analysis of 8 in-depth interviews with women who are currently on or were recently released from probation or parole, this study explores how women manage the combined identity of "mother under state supervision." There are many instances of direct conflict that result from the combined identity of "mother under state supervision." In order to deal with this conflict and manage their combined identity, the women use a multitude of tools. This analysis focuses on three of those tools: social support, managing openness, and redefining ways to be good moms. What has emerged from this analysis is the complex nature of navigating the combined identity of "mother under state supervision" and the tools that this particular group of women have used to do so.

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