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Matthias Batzill, Ph.D.

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Casey Miller, Ph.D.

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Myung Kim, PhD.

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Hariharan Srikanth, Ph.D.

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Rudy Schlaf, Ph.D.


charge carrier diffusion, epitaxial films, grazing incidence ion sputter, methyl orange


This dissertation is related to the understanding of catalytic reactions of metal oxides. For several decades, the surfaces and bulk of materials have been probed to determine additional properties that relate to photocatalytic applications. This investigation furthers these efforts by the (a) modification of a metal oxide surface to isolate known influences of chemical properties and (b) proposing and utilizing a novel methodology for attribution of photocatalytic activity to a discernable influence. For the first effort, by effectively utilizing a known technique for a new application on a metal oxide, such isolations can be made despite unfavorable states. For the second effort, a reduction in the influence of surface states for metal oxides is effectively performed, providing the isolation of influences originating from the bulk. The challenge with such a proposal is verifying such bulk states have been adequately isolated as external influences would obviously distort any conclusions. Thus, techniques to both create such bulk states and eliminate unwanted combinations thereof are additionally required and must be provided for. Lastly, a determination of the photocatalytic activity is made to these states and results are provided.