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Paul E. Spector


Job stress, Organizational citizenship behavior, Organizational related outcome, Performance, Personality, Reception of Organizational citizenship behavior


The predictors of organizational citizenship behavior (OCB) - performance that supports the social and psychological environment in which task performance takes place - have been studied extensively in previous research. Surprisingly, only a few studies have looked into OCB's effects on individuals who might benefit from it. The purpose of the current study was to explore effects of individual-level OCB on its recipients. Reception of OCB (ROCB) is described and proposed to be related to targets' performance, job stress and job strains. In addition, narcissism and proactive personality were explored as predictors of reception of OCB also as moderators of the relationships between reception of OCB and job-related outcomes. I sampled 372 employed students through online surveys. Results showed that ROCB is positively related to the recipients' proactive personality, narcissism, overall job performance, organizational citizenship behavior, job satisfaction, organizational affective commitment, and negatively associated with recipients' work interfere with family and turnover intension. Moreover, the study found no moderating effects of proactive personality or narcissism on these relationships. It was showed that ROCB is an important construct that needs to be taken into account in future organizational studies since it has significant relationships with other commonly studied organizational variables. Future studies should try to replicate the current results using different samples. Moreover, longitudinal design should be used to study the casual relationships between ROCB and organizational variables.