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Mass Communications

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Michael A. Mitrook


basketball, framing, media effects, NBA, NCAA


In 2006, the NBA introduced the "one-and-done" rule that restricted high school graduates to enter directly into the NBA draft following high school. In turn, a high school prospect would essentially now have the option of playing professionally elsewhere (most likely overseas), enter the NBA's Developmental League, or play NCAA basketball. The rule has proved to be quite controversial, as it has had a great effect on both NBA and NCAA basketball, as well as the players. Various media outlets have been quite vocal not only about the rule itself, but the perceived effects it has had on both collegiate and professional basketball. This study will utilize framing theory to explore the way the media has presented the issue to the public, its causal interpretation, any moral evaluations necessary, and any solutions to the problem. This study will utilize a content analysis to analyze not only the media's presentation of the rule, but also what frames have been formed pertaining to the rule's successes and failures. The study will also aim to give a greater understanding of how the basketball media form frames.