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Degree Granting Department

Electrical Engineering

Major Professor

Stephen Saddow, Ph.D.

Committee Member

Andrew Hoff, Ph.D.

Committee Member

Andrew Raij, Ph.D.


PIC Microchip Microcontroller, Remote Unit, RF modules, Vital Signal Measurement, wireless network


The purpose of this reasearch was to develop a respiratory monitoring system using a reflective object sensor based belt to measure the thoracic expansion of a neonatal for future application at the medical center of the Universidad Evangelica Boliviana (UEB). This medical center, being founded by the UEB University, is dedicated to help and serve the poor and currently has no respiratory monitoring system.

The methodology used was first to build and test the respiratory sensor belt and test the relationship between the blet expansion and the voltage generated. The, to incorporate the respiratory sensor belt in a system that would allow individual testing as well as group testing in a wireless network. The system was simulated using an expandable plastic container that was expanded and extracted periodically, registering the results in a MATLAB software.

The system gave successful results and generated the frequency results of each cycle, average frequency and deviation frequency. The system demonstrated to be reliable and to have repeatable results.