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Philip Reeder, Ph.D.

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Mark Ross, Ph D.

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Kenneth Trout, Ph.D.

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Paul Zandbergen, Ph.D.


Hydrology, Geography, Inundation, Hurricanes, Delineation


Using hydraulic modeling and Geographic Information System (GIS) software, the 100-year flood was delineated for the municipality of Avon Park located in Highlands County, Florida. A detailed and rigorous approach was undertaken to first collect and develop an extensive spatial database to store the data collected that is pertinent to the model. This analysis combined ArcGIS version 8.3 and the Interconnected Channel and Pond Routing (ICPR) model version 3.02 to develop hydraulic models that assigned regulatory flood elevation within the watershed. The model results were post processed and brought into GIS to delineate the 100-year flood.The steps outlined in this thesis with respect to the use of GIS as a tool in model pre and post-processing are applicable to many models. Hence, the methodology outlined in this thesis adds to the existing pool of knowledge about the use of GIS in hydraulic modeling. By documenting all the steps related to data acquisition, data processing and manipulation, the model interface and GIS, and the post processing of the model results, this thesis can serve as resources for future studies that utilize both GIS and hydraulic modeling.