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Industrial and Management Systems Engineering

Major Professor

Ali Yalcin, Ph.D.

Committee Member

Marilyn Barger, Ph.D.

Committee Member

Richard Gilbert, Ph.D.

Committee Member

William Miller, Ph.D.


Automated Manufacturing Systems, Supervisory Control Theory, Petri Nets, Discrete Events Systems, Ladder Logic Diagram


An important consideration in discrete event dynamic systems control theory is the selection of a suitable modeling formalism that can capture the complex characteristics of the system and the capability to automatically synthesize a controller based on the system model. Net condition event systems are well suited for modeling complex discrete event dynamic systems owing to their input and output structure, which effectively captures the behavior of the physical devices to be monitored and/or controlled. To date, net condition event systems control models have not been extensively applied to highly automated manufacturing systems and there are few guidelines on how to automatically generate Programmable Logic Controller programming languages from net condition event systems models. This research automatically converted net condition event systems control models into Programmable Logic Controller programming language and evaluated the applicability of the proposed methodology in highly automated manufacturing systems using HAS-200 as a test bed.