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Degree Granting Department

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Major Professor

Rajan Sen, Ph.D.

Committee Member

William Carpenter, Ph.D.

Committee Member

Gray Mullins, Ph.D.


Deterioration, Sudden Failures, Forensic Analysis, Permanent Repairs, Full Depth Precast Panels


USF completed a research study in 2005, which prioritized the replacement of 85 deteriorating composite precast deck panel bridges. This thesis re-evaluates the original recommendations in the wake of failures of two of these bridges in 2007. Since funding will not allow all identified bridges to be replaced, it was necessary to determine the most effective repair methods. To assess USF’s recommendations, a forensic study was undertaken in which the most current inspection and work program documents on the two failed bridges were reviewed and FDOT personnel interviewed. The best repair procedures were determined by reviewing repair plans, specifications, reports and site visits. The study found the two bridges that failed had been correctly prioritized by USF (No. 1 of 18 and No. 8 of 15). A new, accelerated repair method encompassing complete bay replacement was developed in a pilot project funded by the Florida Department of Transportation.