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Degree Granting Department

Secondary Education

Major Professor

James White, Ph.D.

Committee Member

Ann E. Barron, Ed.D.

Committee Member

Tina Hohlfeld, Ph.D.


Andragogy, Adult Learning Theory, Self-Directed Learners, Experiential Learning, Project-Based Learning, Kolb, Prior Learning Assessment, Portfolio, Knowles


Many post-secondary schools across the country offer adult working students an opportunity to obtain at least partial credit for work and life experiences in their curriculum through portfolios. The primary goal of this project was to design, develop and evaluate a portfolio course for adult students at a small independent university. Design emphasized adult learning theory and incorporated instructional design best practices throughout. Also significant to the design was the implementation of the Quality Matters ™ Rubric. The project focus was to intertwine the six assumptions of adult learning theory while implementing best practices and effective instructional strategies, and to conduct formative and summative evaluations. The study incorporated a pre-test - post test instrument and satisfaction questionnaire for quantitative data collection. The results of this project are positive based on the evaluation data collected during this project.