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Major Professor

Russell E. Johnson, Ph.D.

Co-Major Professor

Michael Coovert, Ph.D.

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Jennifer K. Bosson, Ph.D.

Committee Member

Tiina Ojanen, Ph.D.

Committee Member

Paul Spector, Ph.D.


360 assessment, leadership competencies, federal leaders, role models, leader performance


This research further investigates the motivation to lead (MTL) construct and its antecedents. While existing research has investigated culture, personality, and direct experience as an antecedent to MTL, the indirect experience of observing an effective leader has not been studied. It was hypothesized that having an effective supervisor would be related to followers' leadership self efficacy and MTL. It was also hypothesized that this relationship would be moderated by the quality of the relationship between leader and follower. Little evidence was found supporting these hypotheses. In addition, the existing research into MTL has failed to establish the link between MTL and leader performance. Using leadership 360 ratings as a proxy for leader performance, no support was found linking MTL with leader performance. Academic and applied implications are discussed.