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Civil Engineering

Major Professor

A. G. Mullins, Ph.D.


Carbon fiber, Thermography, NDT, Concrete, Columns


Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) sheets can provide incredible structural strength while weighing only a fraction as much as steel. When applied to piles the FRP provides strengthening through both concrete confinement and tensile reinforcement. Mainly used in structural repair, its application is relatively simple in theory. However, many factors(some avoidable, some not) can interfere with the bond between FRP and concrete. When this bond is interrupted the strength of the repair becomes compromised.This thesis examines 2 new methods of improving FRP bond to concrete piles during the time the resin is curing. These methods are compared using 3 types of testing, both nondestructive and otherwise: acoustic analysis, infrared thermography, and pull-off testing. Therefore not only FRP bond improvement techniques are compared but also the techniques for bond evaluation. Findings have shown a definite correlation between non destructive testing and destructive pull-off testing, as well as bond improvement both above and below the waterline when a pressure bag system is used.