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Tammy D. Allen, Ph.D.


Organizational citizenship behavior, Work-family conflict, Role overload, Work time, Gender, Discretionary


Research on organizational citizenship behaviors (OCB) has focused on the positive aspects of the construct, neglecting the possibility that individuals who engage in OCB may suffer negative consequences. Thus, the present study expands the literature by examining the possibility that OCB is also related to negative individual-level factors, such as work-to-family conflict (WIF). In a replication and extension of Bolino and Turnley's (2005) research, the present study offers an in-depth analysis of the relationship between OCB and WIF, examining two potential mediators (work time and role overload) and two potential moderators (gender and perceptions of OCB as discretionary). Two hundred and ninety-six participants, recruited from the alumni database of a large southeastern university, Craig's List, and a snowball approach, completed surveys. Additionally, supervisor-ratings of OCB were obtained for a sub-sample of 35 participants. Study hypotheses were tested using zero-order correlations and multiple regression analyses. No support was found for a relationship between OCB and WIF, nor was there support for the moderating role of gender and perceptions of OCB as discretionary. Theoretical and practical implications, as well as future directions, are discussed.