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Industrial Engineering

Major Professor

Suresh K. Khator, Ph.D.

Committee Member

William Miller, Ph.D.

Committee Member

Ali Yalcin, Ph.D.


system dynamics, simulation, vensim, waterfall model, project management


Software industry is getting very competitive in the wake of recession. In most cases, an organization that quotes a lower price and promises to deliver the product at the earliest walks away with the project. But the factor of quality of the product delivered is also very important because that in turn determines the reputation of an organization, which also plays an important role in getting the next project.

Interactions in a software development are dynamic in nature and involve human factors. Models are built taking into account all possible factors so as to present a realistic picture of the development process. System dynamics methodology is used to build these models in Vensim. Three models have been proposed to help manager estimate an approximate time and cost of the project, monitor the project once the timeline is set and monitor the project development to change various factors as the development process goes through various phases of development and testing.