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Major Professor

Linda M. Whiteford, Ph.D.

Co-Major Professor

Skai Schwartz, Ph.D.


cultural competency, community health clinics, applied anthropology, epidemiology, Spanish translation


This thesis describes an internship for the Department of Anthropology that was part of the Florida Health Literacy Study (FHLS) conducted at the University of South Florida College of Public Health, Department of Community and Family Health in the spring and summer of 2003. The FHLS implemented Pfizer Inc.'s For Your Health program, a type 2 diabetes and hypertension education programs, at 14 community health clinics across the state of Florida. The internship was designed to elicit the experiences of 10 bilingual health educators about their experiences and their perceptions of the experiences of their Latino patients with type 2 diabetes with the Spanish version of Pfizer'ts For Your Health or Para Su Salud type 2 diabetes education program. This internship examined the Para Su Salud program for its cultural appropriateness for the diverse Latino population in the community health clinics in Florida. This internship combined the fields of anthropology and public health to provide a holistic analysis of the issues important to the Latino Health Educators participating in Pfizer's Para Su Salud type 2 diabetes education program. Through anthropological methods including in-depth interviews, class and clinic observations and patient satisfaction surveys, this internship found that the program was well-liked in the community health clinics and it could provide more culturally appropriate themes and food options for type 2 diabetic Latinos in Florida. This thesis makes nine specific recommendations for improving the appropriateness and ultimate success of the Para Su Salud educational program.