"My Journey"

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Thomas McLaughlin, faculty

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Lou Marcus, faculty

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Brad Shanks, faculty


420, travel, story, painting, freedom, phish, folk-art


This is a copy of my thesis which I have written in its original form as a travel journal that I brought with me on a trip I took driving across the country. I have duplicated it word for word so that it may be more accessible to review. Accompanying this copy are a few photographic samples of different places I've been that offer a visual feeling of what I'm talking ahout thru-out the journal. The original copy of the journal will be displayed as part of my show (March 1st-5th at the Oliver Gallery) and can be viewed in its entirety.

The form of this thesis is in journal format so you as a reader will enter right into my life on a specific data and will follow my experiences on a daily basis. The writing is done with no consideration to proper grammar so that I could flow better when I wrote it. In a lot of ways the creation of this project parallels my painting processes. The journal exists as an object that I have transformed through layers of words and images and materials that all together form an overall "big story" in it about who I am. My paintings seem to follow the same master and even though they have individual personalities they as a whole tell my story. All these different ways of communicating my experiences (painting, writing, talking) have brought out a variety of ways of remembering them and the explanation of them as stories of voice and words and paint.