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Applied Behavior Analysis

Major Professor

Jennifer Austin, Ph.D.

Committee Member

Trevor Stokes, Ph.D.

Committee Member

Kevin Murdock, Ph.D.


graphs, visual analysis, teacher training, education, effectiveness


Although a number of researchers have attempted to evaluate the variables that affect teacher's acceptability of behavioral interventions, few have examined the influence of treatment effectiveness on teacher decision making. Interestingly, effectiveness information in the form of graphic feedback has been shown to improve treatment integrity, however little has been done to assess the effects of graphic feedback on teacher's ability to accurately recognize behavior change. This study assessed the effects of graphic display and training in visual inspection of graphed data on the ability of teachers to accurately recognize and report changes in student behavior. In addition, the researcher sought to evaluate the effects of the independent variables on participant decisions to continue behavioral interventions. Following baseline, two experimental treatments (graphic display and training in visual inspection plus graphic display) were implemented using a multiple baseline design across teachers. The dependent variables included accurate detection of behavior change and appropriate persistence with intervention choices. Teachers were shown a series of video clips depicting student problem behavior and they were asked to make a determination of behavior change. They were also asked to make decisions as to whether the current intervention should be continued or not based on the video. The results indicated that viewing the graph of student behavior during the graphic display condition improved participant performance on the accuracy measure. Additionally, viewing the graph immediately improved appropriate persistence, although further effects were not observed with the addition of training.