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Richard Wunderlin, Ph.D.

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Clinton Dawes, Ph. D.

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Frederick Essig, Ph.D.


floristic inventory, Jay B. Starkey Wilderness Park, natural communities


Jay B. Starkey Wilderness Park, located in southwestern Pasco County, Florida, contains nearly 7,689.06 hectares (19,000 acres) and includes 18 natural communities. A floristic inventory was conducted on approximately 404.69 hectares (1,000 acres) within Jay B. Starkey Wilderness Park which included 11 community types. A comparison of those 11 communities in the study area with the rest of the park shows that the dominant community types do occur within the study site, making it representative of the entire park. The objective of this study conducted from May 2003 to October 2004 was to compile a list of the vascular plant taxa found within the study area to be used by the Southwest Water Management District to help in their management regimes. A total of 475 taxa were collected, representing 104 families, and 269 genera. Of these 436 are native taxa, 16 endemic taxa, 39 non-native taxa, 32 county records, 7 listed taxa, and 5 commercially exploited taxa. Each natural community is described and an annotated list of the vascular plant taxa is presented.