A comparison of Average and Poor in their Recall Performance, Strategy Use, and Metamemory

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Examined the extent to which spontaneous cognitive strategic behavior and metacognitive knowledge may be implicated in reading among 25 average readers and 23 poor readers in Grade 4. Exp 1 employed a multiple classification design to compare the recall performance of the 2 groups under intentional and unintentional memory conditions. The memory condition main effect was significant, confirming the superiority of conscious strategic processing in memory functioning but revealing no between-group differences in inferred management behavior. In Exp 2, strategic behavior and general metacognitive knowledge were assessed directly in addition to recall performance. While average achievers were relatively superior in strategy use and metamemory, both groups manifested a production deficiency and a generally low level of strategic sophistication.

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Alberta journal of educational research, v. 36, issue 3, p. 241-255

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