Robotic Grasping for Instrument Manipulations

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robots, computational modeling, adaptation models, automation, manufacturing, hand configuration space, robotic grasping, instrument manipulation, manipulation-oriented grasp requirement, interactive wrench requirement, motion requirement, grasp quality measures, grasp type, thumb placement

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The paper focuses on the grasp requirements derived from the voluntary and involuntary physical interactions in instrument manipulations. The manipulation-oriented grasp requirements include interactive wrench requirements and motion requirements that are required to accomplish a manipulation task. The manipulation-oriented grasp requirements are directly associated with the functionality of the instrument and the manipulation task, but independent from the robotic hardware. Grasp quality measures developed from the manipulation-oriented grasp requirements can be used as search criteria for optimal grasps. Working with hardware-independent grasping strategies extracted from human demonstration including grasp type and thumb placement, optimal grasps could be located efficiently in a dramatically reduced hand configuration space.

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2016 13th International Conference on Ubiquitous Robots and Ambient Intelligence (URAI), Xi'an, 2016, p. 302-304.