Latest Datasets and Technologies Presented in the Workshop on Grasping and Manipulation Datasets

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This paper reports the activities and outcomes in the Workshop on Grasping and Manipulation Datasets that was organized under the International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) 2016. The half day workshop was packed with nine invited talks, 12 interactive presentations, and one panel discussion with ten panelists. This paper summarizes all the talks and presentations and recaps what has been discussed in the panels session. This summary servers as a review of recent developments in data collection in grasping and manipulation. Many of the presentations describe ongoing efforts or explorations that could be achieved and fully available in a year or two. The panel discussion not only commented on the current approaches, but also indicates new directions and focuses. The workshop clearly displayed the importance of quality datasets in robotics and robotic grasping and manipulation field. Hopefully the workshop could motivate larger efforts to create big datasets that are comparable with big datasets in other communities such as computer vision.

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arXiv:1609.02531, p. 1-15.