Parity-Based Fault Detection Architecture of S-box for Advanced Encryption Standard

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fault detection, cryptography, electrical fault detection, computer architecture, costs, polynomials, hardware, table lookup, error analysis, delay effects

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In this paper, the authors present parity-based fault detection architecture of the S-box for designing high performance fault detection structures of the advanced encryption standard. Instead of using look-up tables for the S-box and its parity prediction, logical gate implementations based on the composite field are utilized. After analyzing the error propagation for injected single faults, the authors modify the original S-box and suggest fault detection architecture for the S-box. Using the closed formulations for the predicted parity bits, the authors propose a parity-based fault detection scheme for reaching the maximum fault coverage. Moreover, the overhead costs, including space complexity and time delay of our modified S-box and the parity predictions are also compared to those of the previously reported ones.

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2006 21st IEEE International Symposium on Defect and Fault Tolerance in VLSI Systems, p. 572-580