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In this paper, by utilizing the social relationships among mobile users, we present a framework of energy-efficient cluster formation and resource allocation for multicast D2D transmission. In particular, we first deal with D2D multicast cluster/group formation strategy from both physical distance and social trust level. Then we aim to maximize the overall energy-efficiency of D2D multicast groups through resource allocation and power control scheme, which considers the quality-of-service (QoS) requirements of both cellular user equipment and D2D groups. A heuristic algorithm is proposed to solve above energy-efficiency problem with less complexity. After that, considering the limited battery capacity of mobile users, we propose an energy and social aware cluster head update algorithm, which incorporates both the energy constraint and social centrality measurement. Numerical results indicate that the proposed social-tie based D2D multicast group formation and update algorithm form a multicast group in an energy efficient way. Moreover, the proposed resource and power allocation scheme achieves better energy efficiency in terms of throughput per energy consumption. These results show that, by exploiting social domain information, underlay D2D multicast transmission has high practical potential in saving the source on wireless links and in the backhaul.

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