Environment and Natural History

Environment and Natural History

The Florida Environment and Natural History (FLENH) collections initiative at the University of South Florida Libraries represent the fastest growing research area in the collections. To learn more, visit the FLENH portal.


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Catesby Collection

Dr. Garald Gordon Parker Collection

Dr. John Ogden Caribbean and Coral Reef Collection

Environmental Lands Acquisition and Protection Program Collection

Environmental Lands Acquisition and Protection Program Oral History Project

Environment and Natural History Publications

Florida Citrus Oral History Project

Florida Fishing History Collections

Florida Ornithological Digital Archives

Florida Ornithological Society Archives

John Kunkel Small Botany Collection

Lemur Foundation Collection

Richard A. "Skip" Davis, Jr. Collection of Coastal and Geologic Illustrations

Searchable Ornithological Research Archive

The Tampa Bay Estuary: An Oral History of Community Collaboration to Restore Ecological Integrity